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Project Description
This project is a web project that contains code to help a developer get started on building a fully editable content managed ASP.NET website. This project uses the ASP.NET 2.0 WebPart framework and SQL Server 2005 to accomplish this. Much of the code and concepts here were taken from many of the ASP.NET Starter Kits located here.

Important Note: SQL Server 2005 is required for this project to work, so you will either need to purchase/download SQL Server 2005 or replace the code to utilize another database platform. Of course there is a SQL Server 2005 Express Edition available from Microsoft that is free which can be used with this project. Also there are a set of third party controls (Telerik RadControls) that are used within this project and so again you will either need to buy/download from Telerik or replace with your own controls for this project to work completely as is.

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